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Cyber Awareness Challenge Version 3.0

cyber awareness challenge 3.0

The DISA Cyber Awareness Challenge 3.0 is now available!!

This training replaces the previous Cyber Awareness Challenge Version 2.0 dated October 2013. This update provides enhanced guidance for online conduct and proper use of information technology.

Visit the link here:



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    I am trying to complete this for an account that I need, but when I open the ink, I get an XML error

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    The old link is also still present in the USA Staffing Task modules, so prospective employees are unable to access the Cyber awareness training in order to complete their onboarding. I believe it needs to be updated.

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    I took this training on 16 Oct 2017 but the new certificate is not showing up on my ATCTS account. I am trying to get the certificate to show I completed the training to get my computer access.

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