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DISA Releases The Cyber Awareness Challenge (October 2012)

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has released The Cyber Awareness Challenge.  This will be the latest and greatest Information Assurance (IA) training for October 2012.  The link is below.  There are two versions, one for the Department of Defense, and one for the remaining Federal departments and agencies.



  1. frank suennen

    i want to do my training

  2. frank suennen


  3. Helen Davis

    Whew, this training gave me motion sickness. I’d love to be able to take it just by reading the material and answering the questions. I still feel nauseated.

  4. Dave

    I am taking the training now…what a embarassment. Topics and presentation are a waste of my time. Do I really need to practice creating computer passwords???

  5. Joe Wiggins

    Be sure to print and save your certificate! I just took it, but since it doesn’t require a CAC, it is not showing up in my training portfolio. You will need your certificate to prove you took the course.

  6. Stephanie Hagemann

    How are you suppose to take the training when the link is not available. I have spent the last 45 minutes looking for the link that will take me to the training. Every time you click on the link above it takes you back to a web page that says it is not available. Pleas HELP!!!!!

    Thank you Stephanie Hagemann
    Housing Director

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