What Is The Need For DoD IA Training HQ?

Pretty simple actually, to simplify documents and doctrine, and to provide you, our readers, with a hub for all your Department of Defense Information Assurance Training information. Whether you are new to the DoD, or want to find the best way to advance your career, we can help.

If you have looked at the news recently, there has been an increase in hacking around the world. Look at Sony and other companies. The need to protect information is at an all time high, and information security professionals are in high demand. The DoD is no different than Corporate America, they are in dire need of computer security and IA professionals as well. With the recent stand up of the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), the DoD is taking a stance against cyber threats.

Use this site as a guide to deciphering all of the hoopla and find answers here. We also encourage you to ask questions with our contact form if you want a specific question answered. All of the questions and answers here are common knowledge and public domain. We will not discuss any classified topics on the site. If your question is classified in nature, we suggest you discuss it with the proper authorities at your work site, or your command.

In closing, this site is for beginners to the IA world, and veterans. We will point you in the right direction to make sure you get the proper training to do your job, whether it’s your yearly Information Assurance Awareness training, or its getting your CISSP or CEH.

The DoD IA Training HQ, your guide to making it in the DoD IA arena.