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Welcome to DoD IA Training Headquarters (DoD IA HQ). We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as an information security professional, or as you pursue higher career goals. We will tell you the best training to take, the best resources to make sure you pass those exams, and potential employers! Need something else, just ask!

Welcome to DoD IA Training HQ

Welcome to!  Congratulations for finding this great resource on DoD IA Training and Jobs!

This site is great for beginners in the field of information security and information assurance, and also a great place for those who are trying to take their career to the next level.  The information security field is in high demand, so the chances of either getting an entry level job, or an experienced position are very high.  This site will lead you to the proper training that will make you a better information security professional.

DoD IA Training Headquarters is here to decipher all of the information that’s freely available and give it to you, our readers in an organized way that’s easy to understand.  We review training books, classes, and more to give you the “yellow brick road” to being successful in the DoD Information Assurance field.  There are plenty of training sources, but we want you to have the best.

How to Find an Information Assurance Job

Thanks to Indeed, we have a live feed of DoD Information Assurance Jobs here on the site.  Feel free to browse the listing and if you want to post a job, we charge $40, and you can post the job by clicking on the DoD IA Job link on the main navigation bar.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us using the form on the Contact page.